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Welcome to the Jungle

BySprockets Oct 9, 2019

When YHC got the last minute invite yesterday to SubstiQ for an injured Leprechaun, I immediately jumped to action, assuming he’d hurt himself

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Wait, I have the Q?

ByHannibal Oct 7, 2019

Eleven men gathered on what has become a pretty normal, balmy July October morning in the well-lit confines known as the South Charlotte Middle

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Are you wearing your summer coat?

ByHops Oct 4, 2019

First time in years that YHC was first into the launch lot before any workout....think there was something in Q school about being first one the

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Happy Hawktober

ByHops Oct 1, 2019

After a mediocre disclaimer, interrupted by Hannibal informing me it wasn't 0530 yet and further interrupted by Puddin' Pop's grammatical correc


Make Fall Chilly Again

BySnowflake Sep 27, 2019

8 Pax posted for Centurion this morning. Many veterans, no FNGs. So an abbreviated disclaimer and off we went. Circle the football field, to


The other side of campus

ByAlf Sep 18, 2019

Hadn't been to Hawks Nest in a while. Then last week Benny pre-tweeted they were doing 1200m repeats on the track. They were not me (and not Gu


Fifty bucks says the Smails kid picks his nose.

ByThunderRoad Sep 17, 2019

Sixteen men met at SCMS this AM.  All were veteran F3'ers -  All were disclaimed.  Time to roll out! Wait, here comes Floor S


Getting Weird on Friday the 13th

ByProhibition Sep 13, 2019

It was a balmy full mooned Friday morning on the 13th of September at Centurion. What you are about to read may be disturbing for some. Discre


Stonecroft Boomerang

ByOne Eye Sep 13, 2019

16 Pax answered the call this morning at Hydra. Here's what went down: COP -- 15 SSH / 15 Imperial WalkMosey out of the parking lot, R on R

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