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Just not enough to last……(TWSS)

ByTommy Rose Apr 12, 2021

9 Pax arose from the ashes of their fartsacks to suffer the latest installment of #Swole.  This is my first Q since the "InVue-Gate of 2021" whe

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Mayan Pyramids

ByUncle Leo Apr 7, 2021

10 men wearing 19 athletic shoes (read on for the explanation) circled up for another edition of Meathead.  Reasonably disclaimed, which seemed

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It writes the backblast or it gets the hose

ByVoodoo Apr 2, 2021

Ghost written by Voodoo on behalf of Frehley’s Comet, who is too old to figure out Wordpress. 9 pax rolled into Calvary for our weekly dose

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Back at it

ByVoodoo Mar 24, 2021

10 pax arranged themselves in a sort of oval-like shape this morning as we prepared for this week’s rendition of Meathead. After a proper discl

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Sprints > Snatches > TGUs?

ByHigh Tide Mar 2, 2021

9 Meatheads, including a very late arriving FNG, Goose (Daniel), and a bunch of #Respects, gathered for doubles, sprints (<> #0.0), and sna

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Getting Swole for next Valentine’s Day

ByMighty Mite Feb 15, 2021

YHC got a text from Voodoo at 5:09 AM saying he was going to take an IR day.  Considering I did the same thing last week, I suppose turnabout is

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The Eagle Flies at Dawn

ByIckey Shuffle Feb 10, 2021

The latest iteration of Meathead continued the double bell strength program and ten PAX girded up their loins to tackle a midweek meltdown center

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A triumphant return

ByUncle Leo Feb 1, 2021

6 men assembled at the new (old) AO for Swole for our Monday beatdown.  Once again rain threatened, the PAX called it’s bluff and the rain fol

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Sonic Surprises and Senior Day at Swole

ByIckey Shuffle Jan 26, 2021

We are approximately one month into the new strength and conditioning program at Swole, Meathead, and Olympus and today the featured exercise was

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A Case of the Mondays

ByVoodoo Jan 4, 2021

8 pax circled up on the first Monday of 2021 for the launch of a new kettlebell program at Swole. If you want to read up on it, please check out

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