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Field Trip!

ByCarb Load Feb 24, 2021

Took the 11 Pax that made the intentional choice to post at Dromedary today on a field trip to Rosecliff. Warned everyone the night before in Gro

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1st Anyul Bushwud Spellin’ Bee

ByDasBoot Feb 24, 2021

18 PAX saw the forecast of mid- to high-60s today and headed out early to start their day at Bushwood Country Club.  The only problem was that i

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A Chicken is Lose in Marvin

ByChicken Little Feb 17, 2021

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff Warm Up Mosey around large lot and up stairs to front of school Monster Walk/ Knees to C

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9 Hole Tribute to Tom Petty!

ByFiji Feb 17, 2021

Diccs reviewed! Mosey to large parking lot! Warmup: 18 SSH IC 18 LSS IC 18 IW IC 18 MC IC Calf Stretch 10 Merkins IC &

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The Hills at Firethorne

ByChicken Little Feb 7, 2021

DICCS- NOPE Warm Up- NOPE The Thang- Walk Moleskin- 7 Pax crawled out of bed after the CSAUP event yesterday to move those sore muscles

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FOUR-ways and Flatulence

ByFredo Feb 1, 2021

About FOUR weeks ago I reached out to Chopper and asked if he would be open to co-Q #Firestarter and #The Maul.  If you know Chopper, then you k

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Better Wet then Never

ByTonyatine Jan 29, 2021

Better late then never. I kinda forget what was done, but know it was raining... Mosey through MC with Warmup at Turkey trot. Back to the c

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Last Call….Lollapalooza

ByFiji Jan 29, 2021

Disclaimer!!! I am not a professional, you cannot sue me, f3, this site! Covid Disclaimer Let’s Mosey around parking lot till entrance cl

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