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BroSpeed5 – the Last Prep

ByBratwurst Feb 26, 2018

21 PAX at Swift used the last Tuesday before the BrOlympics 2.0 to sharpen the planned 1600m race pace and work on some endurance. The THANG:

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Bro Speed 4 – 2,2,2:

ByBratwurst Feb 15, 2018

20 PAX circled the Bull Ring with a purpose of speed, more speed, and ludicrous speed on Tuesday morning. The THANG: 0500 - Prerunners ch

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No Casio?

ByFireman Ed Feb 13, 2018

As the Q stumbled into the parking lot with out his Casio. 10 men headed to the Gloom unsure of the time. Warm up: A brisk run through some

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Bro Speed 3 – Pyramid of Pain

ByBratwurst Feb 7, 2018

23 PAX made it out to BroSpeed event #3 – the Mile Pace Pyramid.  Never an easy one, and save some directionally challenged “Northeners”,


Brew’s Gumby VQ

BySwiss Miss Jan 30, 2018

So a Gumby VQ which sort of feels like a VQ when YHC finds out 4 min prior to kick off that a devo is part of the Q...good thing YHC has that han

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ByBratwurst Jan 23, 2018

https://youtu.be/m5aiwxSfdH0 In what was going to be a long winded rant about THWG and how the University (sic) of Georgia lost the national c

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Less Like Daytona, More like Watkins Glen

ByBratwurst Nov 20, 2017

17 PAX set out into the Ballantyne Corporate park on Tuesday, 11/14, for a looping course of medium-long interval running. The THANG: http:

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Head Out On the Highway

ByBratwurst Nov 9, 2017

16 PAX either didn't read the Preblast (or there wasn't one posted in the normal place) or fought through suggestions in their head that hills, h

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Swifter, Higher, Stronger

ByBratwurst Nov 9, 2017

Faster, Higher, Stronger - Let's try to get Faster overall (better endurance) by running some Higher minute intervals to build our Stronger lungs

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