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Edward Brickyhands

BySprockets Oct 16, 2020

17 lab rats unknowingly signed up for an experimental workout involving 45 minutes of partner workout... not with another pax, but with 2 bricks

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A soccer BB, because why not?

ByOrangeWhip Sep 27, 2020

We keep pushing the goals back as we again broke the Sunday record with 13, even with several regulars out. The Thang We played soccer M

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VQ Perched at Hawks Nest

ByHopper Sep 11, 2020

Site Q Note: Not only did Amber VQ earlier this week, but he actually wrote a blackblast to go with it!  In the words of Deniece Williams....."L

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Hoover didn’t say “Hoover says” or Hoover smells like an onion

ByHoover Sep 2, 2020

6 men gathered in the 0515 gloom of an empty parking lot at SCMS.  No RFYL, no school kids, just those that meet in the gloom to get better.  Y

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Dream Warriors

ByPuddin Pop Sep 2, 2020

Please excuse the title of the workout this morning.  I listened to Dream Warriors by Dokken on the way to Calvary, and felt very inspired. P

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Splitting Rock Piles with 16 Paxes

ByDoug Boone Sep 2, 2020

Ran to the rock pile at southern end of parking lot and started with a warm up, 15 each of side straddle hips, imperial walkers, and low slow squ

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BOMBS over Ballantyne

ByWildTurkey Aug 22, 2020

Pre-Run - Billy Goat and YHC for 2 miles of extra credit. Stonehenge is the only AO where you can get a full 90 min. Man up and show up. Warme

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