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“Lightpole, 10-count”

ByEgypt Feb 13, 2018

13 or 14 started at Carmel Rd. Park, we picked up 2 or 3 more at Carmel Middle, and by the end, we had 16 for an on-the-move mash-up of arm, leg

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DMZ Kicks Off 2018

ByAquafresh Jan 9, 2018

Rolled into Carmel Road Neighborhood Park at 5:23, empty lot, but quickly joined by the Agony-wagon and then one by one others to get to lucky nu

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Do you have a better way to stay warm than to set your hair on fire?

ByAquafresh Oct 31, 2017

9 men succumbed to FOMO and entered the DMZ for a workout brought to you by Joe Weider and inspired by TR Merkins x 30 IC Mosey to C@C for

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