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A Ghost Written BB

ByFuse Box Apr 17, 2021

I don't see Atlas as the backblast writing type.  I hope I'm wrong, but just in case I'm not...here is what we did at Blackhawk today.  If noth

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Getting Swoll With The Chicken

ByChicken Little Apr 14, 2021

DICCS- Given as usual and covered all topics Warm up- Light mosey with Coupons near rock pile, so PAX who actually work and do not live on Gro

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Stupid Shoulder Day

BySoft Pretzel Mar 17, 2021

Cold and damp greeted the PAX as they climbed out of cars in the MRHS lot this morning.  What was waiting for them was probably much worse. W

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40 Burpees at Asylum

ByFuse Box Mar 15, 2021

Two weeks ago, I let the Asylum pax know during announcements that I was Q'ing (in two weeks) and I was going to give them the ability to change

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Simple Yet Effective?

ByFuse Box Feb 26, 2021

14 guys snuck in to join me before mother nature unleashed yet more rain (Is this how Noah felt?).  I had two sneaky plans for today.  A longer

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Inmates are running the Asylum

ByBlue Screen Feb 17, 2021

QIC: Blue Screen Pax: Fuse Box, Swimmers, Loafer, Shop Dawg, Schnitzel, Flanders, Mayhem, Sledge-O-Matic, Posse, Bunyan, Ice9 Hosted Mash

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A Chicken is Lose in Marvin

ByChicken Little Feb 17, 2021

DICCS -given to include all the regular stuff Warm Up Mosey around large lot and up stairs to front of school Monster Walk/ Knees to C

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Thats two you owe me, junior

ByChastain Feb 12, 2021

I'm going to attempt to blow up this website. GIFs (pronounced with a hard G) are way more fun than actual text to get your point across. Es

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Does Tom finish on top of Giselle?

ByDasBoot Feb 10, 2021

YHC has never been a Tom Brady fan, but you show respect when respect is due.  11 men came together (unknowingly) in the gloom to show respect t

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