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Not to fifty!

ByGerber Aug 27, 2020

That wasn’t the planned “theme” of today’s workout.  However, after I realized we were finishing another set of exercise (burpees) e

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Hurpees Never Killed Anyone….

ByZinfandel Aug 8, 2020

Woke up yesterday because of how long this journey would take. Googled how to use a compass and a map since no way in this part of SC would my ce

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ByGerber Aug 7, 2020

How to Q Impromptu?  Numbers are always strong going into the weekend and would probably need to split.  Sounds like I would need to dig deep i

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Another day another dollar

ByDasher Aug 5, 2020

DiCCS + proper social distancing   Warm-up Mosey around the school to the back entrance of the HS.  Planked while waiting for ever

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