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ByTransporter Apr 19, 2018

So to be perfectly honest I took this Q so I could work out with the PAX.  I personally have been wrestling with a foot injury that as continued

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Milk & Cookies

ByThin Mint Apr 13, 2018

11 men showed at The Floater to find out if there really was life beyond "the hill" Thang Mosey towards the bridge over South Main C

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The not exactly Keats Thrive backblast

ByNomad Feb 7, 2018

Twas five thirty in the morning at Carolina Courts' Thrive, the Pax were still waiting For the Q to arrive.   Alas, now it wa

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Howl at the Moon

ByHorsehead Jan 31, 2018

Teen Wolf (1985 movie, not the millennial trash tv show)  - Coach Finstock: There are three rules that I live by: never get less than twelve hou


Why You Wanna Give Me A Run Around

BySlim Fast Dec 14, 2017

8 PAX gathered for one of the coldest mornings in recent memory at Stallings Elementary for a Slim Fast virgin Q at Conviction.  Having disclaim

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Queen was right… ‘Don’t try suicide(s)’

ByNomad Nov 15, 2017

...Nobody's worth it... who knew a 70's-80's rock band knew so much about F3?  Despite the chilly temp, the gloom and a warning to bring running

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Keep Manhatten just give me that countryside

ByLamont Nov 5, 2017

10 Pax were on time and ready for a beatdown with a bit of farm livin thrown in.  We started with a lunge walk warm up to save Woody's Hobbit fo

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Conviction BB

ByNomad Oct 24, 2017

Firmly relying on the old adage 'better late than never' here is the blackblast for Conviction. Disclaimer given a quick mosey around the fron

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