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Clever Title next time

ByDeflated Apr 13, 2021

Took the Q for Watchtower to do my part in single Q April. I guess I forgot that I had to write a backblast but here it is: We ran and we did

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Biking on Mountains with Beers

ByZinfandel Apr 6, 2021

Wild times in the newest AO in Waxhaw. If our family photos weren’t Kumbaya for those watching, well now we have added bikes? What’s next? Tr

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“Should be running for those who want to run and for everyone else…”

BySmithers Mar 23, 2021

Let everyone know that there will be running for the people who would like to run and then .... well you know DiCCS given Warmup Mosey aroun

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ByLoafer Mar 20, 2021

F3 Impromptu 3/19/21 DICCS – Always have to give the DICCS (Disclaimer, CPR Check, Cell Phone Check and Safety Reminder)  Done. Warm Up- Ra

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March Madness Hoop Dreams

BySledge-O-Matic Mar 11, 2021

Computer problems lead to me having to hand write my Weinke at the last minute before go-time at Chiseled and I came in hot to the Five Stones lo

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Time to step into the ring with Turnbuckle

ByTurnbuckle Mar 5, 2021

Good morning and Happy Friday!   This morning I was asked to Q at the Diesel workout at Five Stones Church. I cringed when Chastain

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