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German Shepard-gate

ByChicken Little Jun 2, 2020

Diccs given- cell phone, cpr, modify as needed, do no sue me, f3 , easy button or new town and we will be on campus. Warm up Warm up lap ar

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Storms and Downed trees will not stop arm day

ByChicken Little May 5, 2020

Diccs given to include safety crossing road and what to expect today-- ARMS ARMS AND MORE ARMS Warm up- Only 7 brave soles decided to show aft

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Legs need love also..

ByChicken Little Apr 27, 2020

Diccs to include social distance and split into groups for road crossing and instructions on how we will cross the road Warm up 1/4 mile op

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Bulgarian Squats -YIKES

ByChicken Little Apr 24, 2020

Diccs given and reminder of social distancing- split PAX in two groups due to size Warm Up ( In honor of Donovans 17th bday )  17 - SSH

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Bomb Jacks are NOT FUN

ByChicken Little Apr 21, 2020

DICCS given to include social distance and split PAX into two groups due to size to make sure we maintain safe space. Warm up 20- imperial

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Brairs and Crester’s arm day

ByChicken Little Apr 15, 2020

Diccs given to include crossing road safely and social disctancing Warm-up 15 Imperial Walkers 10 - Tator Pickers plank/right arm hig

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BYOB- Bring your own Bricks

ByChicken Little Apr 13, 2020

Flash meets Ignition on Ass island... DICCS given to include ---15 burpees if you break or drop your bricks Warm up- 1/2 mile opening mo

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A Pandemic on the Southside

ByChicken Little Apr 10, 2020

DICCS given and reminder of social distancing Warm up 15 - imperial walkers 15- SSH Plank-elbow plank - clave stretch- 15 merkins

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A morning in the Crest

ByChicken Little Apr 6, 2020

DICCS- given to include social distancing and how to cross the road properly Warm up Mosey .18 miles 20- Moroccan nightclubs while in squat

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Pain Station Friday in the Briars

ByChicken Little Apr 3, 2020

DICCS and remind everyone of social distancing and safety crossing road again   Warm up 15- SSH 15 - Imperial Walkers 10- mer

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