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Rock Hard (& soft) Abs

ByDeep Dish Feb 25, 2021

14 PAX (12 plus 2 Mashers) convened at The Body Shop for warm, mid 40 degree tune up.  Based on the attire and upbeat aura at 5:30 am, you can s

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Stalled Diesel, the latest backblast ever

ByPopeye Feb 18, 2021

The usual Popeye beatdown, with typically insane lifts, making gazelles scream to be allowed to run. WARM-UP Mosey around the parking lot.

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No Q No Site-Q No problem

ByCenterfold Feb 15, 2021

You usually don't see a message at 5am that says "doesn't look like rain, can someone substi-Q for me?"  But Brutus probably fell asleep in his

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Triple Respect

ByProhibition Feb 11, 2021

16 men gathered at The Body Shop to get a tune up before the weekend's cold and rain cause us to lock ourselves up in our warm fartsacks and slee

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I got fired…

ByTransporter Feb 4, 2021

I have been fired one other time,  it was years ago and I was cutting grass for a job in college....we can leave that there.  In any case,  I

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Banjo no longer has the Gout!

ByBanjo Feb 3, 2021

2 weeks ago I had a lovely gout attack in my ankle so my Q was delayed until this week.  Luckily Easy Button was passing the torch to Schneider'

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Watchtower Backblast

ByEasy Button Jan 19, 2021

Warm up Warm up lap around the big field in front of the elementary school and circle up in front of main entrance to the school. 20 x SSH

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