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Presidents Day is a Holiday?

ByPurell Feb 19, 2018

9 men (1 FNG – Zekeface) shrugged off the 50% chance of rain forecast and started their week with a little bit of downpainment. Warm-up:

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Asphalt only workout

ByHuggieBear Feb 14, 2018

5 PAX made it out while the rain almost held off so we made it an all asphalt workout. 7am hit, disclaimer given, and off to bus parking lot.

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Sandbags and a Fountain

ByFault Line Feb 13, 2018

We probably use this word too much (usually with sarcasm), but it actually was balmy this am. Warmer weather with a little humidity made for a ni

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Buns of steel

ByProhibition Jan 22, 2018

11 long standing members of F3 nation kicked their week off at The Matrix this morning.  With the virtual shovel flag firmly planted in the clou


That Stuff We Did That Time Last Year

ByThin Mint Jan 20, 2018

10 PAX (including 2 Turkeys who survived another Thanksgiving) showed up in the cold, wet parking lot of Anvil. Little did they know that all the

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ByTurkey Leg Jan 13, 2018

Pulled out a classic weinke for the Area51 original AO The Thang: Warmup mosey around school to east lot COP 25 merkins IC 20 SS


The Frozen Tundra

ByHuggieBear Jan 2, 2018

In advance of the New Year, 3 PAX made it out to Area 51 in what now seems like warm weather. Mosey to Lower parking lot SSH, IW, LSS, Merkin

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School Yard Prison Yard

ByYoung Love Dec 29, 2017

13 fine gentlemen made the right decision this morning, coming out in the chilly gloom for a bit of adult recess. After a brief disclaimer, we we

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ByHuggieBear Dec 17, 2017

Posted on OT's behalf... Warm up--Mosey around the lot to 'scoop' up the late comers like LR, then down to the lower lot for Side Lunges equal

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Please Don’t Make Me Post Solo

ByAbacus Dec 6, 2017

Not a bad morning for the first Saturday in December for this week's edition of Area 51/McKee.  Arrived at 0650 to an empty parking lot, but tha

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