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Beat The Q

ByFuseBox Apr 26, 2018

12 Pax came out to see if they could beat the Q and the Q was beaten quite easily.  In fact, the Q was beaten so bad, he had a lot more time lef

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Doc’s Chestravanza at the Floater

ByDoc McStuffins Apr 20, 2018

Almost missed my very first Q at the Floater, overslept a little and was rushing to get there on time, pull in the parking lot about 5:27 and the

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Milk & Cookies

ByThin Mint Apr 13, 2018

11 men showed at The Floater to find out if there really was life beyond "the hill" Thang Mosey towards the bridge over South Main C

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

ByDamascus Apr 10, 2018

14 PAX, including 2 FNGs (Welcome Huckleberry and Harry Carey!) turned out on a beautiful Union County morning to see what YHC had in store for a

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Look Ma! Still No Hands!!!

ByMoneyBall Apr 3, 2018

I had a benign fatty growth removed from my shoulder 2 weeks ago. Pathology report and stitches out yesterday. I was back in business...or so I t

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Win or Lose, it was a valiant effort

ByFuseBox Mar 22, 2018

Twelve pax came out to make an attempt on a calories burn count record of 668 set by Money Ball previously at The Floater.  The workout was buil

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A Welcome Spring Clydesdale Picnic

ByFuseBox Mar 16, 2018

14 Pax came out to welcome in spring at a Clydesdale Picnic.  There was music, there was picnic tables, there was a lot of mumble chatter, and s

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Bricks, Blocks, Pallets OH MY!

ByFrack Feb 6, 2018

8 PAX gathered on this glorious morning to improve their mind, body, and soul. It was really no surprise to the group that less than 2 miles of g

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