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Give me liberty, or give me lunges!

ByArgonaut Apr 8, 2021

Pre-Blast Das Boot invited YHC to Q out at Body Shop this Thursday, 4/8. IR has limited running and created somewhat of a strength focus

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Heals to heaven at church 6/43

ByKirby Apr 1, 2021

YHC was concerned for the safety and well being of his flock of Pax this morning.  I am not sure flock is the correct term but you can correct m

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1 year down…

ByTonyatine Mar 30, 2021

Well its been a year since Noonan mentioned that I should get out to workout with the guys at Bushwood. About that time, F# was on a slight Hiatu

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Sledge Can’t Get It Up (or keep it down)

BySledge-O-Matic Mar 18, 2021

I originally was going to Q the Body Shop for my first time last November, but a bad knee kept everyone waiting with baited breath.  Today was t

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Say Hello to My Little (cinderblock) Friend

Bymidriff Mar 11, 2021

2 cinder blocks and 18 PAX emerged from the fartsack for another day in Body Shop Paradise. Posse nearly ran us over on the way in - then again h

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1st Anyul Bushwud Spellin’ Bee

ByDasBoot Feb 24, 2021

18 PAX saw the forecast of mid- to high-60s today and headed out early to start their day at Bushwood Country Club.  The only problem was that i

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The Hills at Firethorne

ByChicken Little Feb 7, 2021

DICCS- NOPE Warm Up- NOPE The Thang- Walk Moleskin- 7 Pax crawled out of bed after the CSAUP event yesterday to move those sore muscles

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