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Highway to Hell

ByDollywood Nov 15, 2017

Swinging Kb's can get a little bit boring. So... YHC decided to switch it up a little bit. We got the pleasantries out of the way and started

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I mean…. Brakeman’s opens at Six…..

ByTweetsie Nov 14, 2017

On a gloomy Thursday morning, 7 PAX stumbled through the cold and the rain to make their way to Peak 51. After fruitless attempts to sway the

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Skunkworks screamer!

ByBulldog Nov 7, 2017

21 at Skunkworks today for a bit of a mean one that got the lungs and heart rate going just a tad! THE THANG Warm up - SSH, IW etc Light


Stealth Merkins

ByHigh Tide Nov 1, 2017

On this All Saint's Day, 9 pax shook off the sugar coma from last evening and gathered to stretch out the stretchy parts and lengthen the shorten


Audible to run for the hills and keep the mumble chatter low

ByDrano Oct 26, 2017

POSTED FOR THE MOUTH... Copy and Pasted 11 Men showed up to BaseCamp this week… Q woke up to pouring rain and had to make a decision to cont

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Stretching the body in ways it does not stretch

BySony Oct 25, 2017

After the gumby one year anniversary, Swiss Miss asked YHC if he would Q at Gumby in a month. How hard could it be? But YHC found himself spendin