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Can You Zip Me Up Please?

ByJRR Tolkien Mar 12, 2018

Summary: The 6 men who posted DMZ this morning ought to have no grip strength left when squeezing their computer mouse reading this backblast...

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Can’t Hear From Back Here

ByPaper Jam Jan 23, 2018

With the announcement of Bratwurst's return, 7 PAX put on their shorts, shoes and headlamps to venture out for the Landen- Ardrey 5mi Loop at Bla

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WonPahtnuGoUhstehrsUddahPahtneRonUdrWei… OK?

ByJRR Tolkien Jan 5, 2018

Summary It was cold...10 degrees.  If YHC had whipped out my weinke, it would have frozen.  Speaking of frozen, when YHC got home, found out

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Some Cheddar melt on a cold Da Vinci morning

ByCheddar Dec 19, 2017

10 men tried to stay warm on a cold (high 20s) morning. 2 ran away fearing the verst and ran into the cold. Word is they(Tolkien+Tuck) sneaked in


“I have nothing else planned…”

ByTuck Dec 9, 2017

5 BFF's posted at #F3daVinci on a wet and near-freezing morning and built a ladder high enough to reach the tallest Christmas tree. Thang M

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Riders On The Storm

ByFredo Dec 8, 2017

This Doors tune was playing as I rode into The Vine parking lot ready for a rainy adventure, but I checked the radar and saw a glimmer of hope, a


DudePerfect … PingPong Trickshots (Mongol Style)… YEAH!!!

ByJRR Tolkien Dec 4, 2017

My son loves watching Demolition Ranch on Youtube... we happened to find DudePerfect on Youtube in the process. They have 24+million subscribers,


Devil’s Jam Part 2

ByPaper Jam Nov 25, 2017

5 PAX were not afraid of a cold Saturday after Thanksgiving and posted da Vinci. We did alot of arms, alot of abs and not alot of running.

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