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Bear Crawlapalooza

ByPurell Mar 7, 2018

18 men (1 FNG – Slide Rule) weren’t fazed by threats of excessive bear crawls and posted at the hottest AO in all of Waverly. Warm-up:

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Hizzle’s Knoll

BySpackler Feb 22, 2018

Hello.  My name is Spackler.   8 guys showed up at Death Valley.  I remember when this number used to be 28.  8 is much easier to c

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The Imposter Leads

ByChinMusic Jan 20, 2018

In preparation for my site VQ at Area 51, I arrived early to evaluate our weather and surface conditions. With everything clear, except for some

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A roll of the DICE at SPARTA

Byshakenbake Dec 8, 2017

Twas a damp morning in Sparta, but that did not discourage the 8 warriors that showed up to do battle with the cold elements and the DICE of pain

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9 Strong&Fast

ByDaisy Nov 29, 2017

9 Strong&Fast showed up for the midweek edition of Area 51's best and toughest workout on Hwy 51.  Here's what they did: Quick lap around


English Lesson at the Goat

BySlim Fast Nov 18, 2017

13 Goats gathered in the South Charlotte Middle School parking lot for another installment of #F3MountainGoat... and a bonus Literature lesson. 

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Shake(N Bake) a leg, let’s run!

Byshakenbake Nov 16, 2017

First time at Q at possible new AO, don't be late right? NOPE! The Q came in on two wheels at 5:16 for the 5:15 workout. A well placed "I will be