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40 Minutes of Hell

ByRecalculating Jan 12, 2018

15 Men resisted the temptation for fried chicken at Waverly to endure "40 Minutes of Hell" on the mean courts of Cuthbertson Middle at Impromptu

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Stone Cold Crazy

ByHollywood Jan 5, 2018

10 brave souls joined me on this ridiculously cold morning. I am not sure why. Maybe they just enjoy the feeling of intense pain in their fingers



ByTransporter Dec 16, 2017

To be honest I don't think there has been as much pressure to write a Back blast since East UC tried to run our ship two years ago. Bottle Cap ap

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Stay Warm Out There

BySoft Pretzel Dec 13, 2017

14 PAX bundled up and made it happen at Dromedary this morning.  1 decided to go all in and provide the inspiration: congrats to Recalculating f

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