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Revenge of the Panties

ByPremature Feb 27, 2021

Started the morning with a little half mile Mosey to Millbridge community center parking lot and Rudy’s response was priceless: Oh gosh! Arrive

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Watch out for Ice!!

ByRubbermaid Feb 20, 2021

I planned out a 2 mile loop.  I ram it the day before and knew we would have a few puddles to watch for.  The 28 degree temps did cause some ic

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2nd Chisel

ByEx-LAX Feb 18, 2021

15 Pax braved the cold to participate in my 2nd Q.   DICCS given The warmup: Opening mosey to front of church entrance Circle

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Men formed from Mt. Chiseled

ByHi Hat Feb 10, 2021

Chiseled is always one of my favorites place to post, it is even better when you get to Q.. The Q started out as swap w/Fusebox to get him ove

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Spread ‘Em Blue Screen?

ByZinfandel Feb 9, 2021

Sore. Tired. Useless. That’s a description of my body after Friday’s FSAUP. I probably would have fartsacked again today but Watchtower is so

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By By Miss American Pie

ByDoughBoy Jan 30, 2021

Well, you realize that when you volunteer to queue for Clean Slate, you better have plenty of gas.  Twenty minutes into the drive, I had to stop

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Just the Tip

ByCarb Load Jan 28, 2021

So this is Pursuit. Not much to tell other than we ran for an hour.   Not much happened that was funny, per se... Shout out to ExLax for get

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