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Buy One Get One Free

ByWarEagle Mar 1, 2021

To follow is a backblast for The Brave but wait...stick around and you get a Snooze Button backblast for free!!  Frehley's was the Q for Snooze

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Olympic Effort

ByVoodoo Feb 28, 2021

4 pax were on time for Olympus yesterday. No rain and warmer temps made for a more enjoyable experience, at least until the workout started. W

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Leg Day, My Leg Day

BySoft Pretzel Feb 25, 2021

YHC arrived at NOE this AM (ok I'll stop) with the plan of using the variety of hills to get in a good leg workout.  Many PAX had apparently got

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Bagpipe Bridge Ices Before Road

Bymidriff Feb 23, 2021

2 cinder blocks and 7 PAX emerged from the fartsack to begin at 0530 sharp to kick off another day in Bagpipe Paradise. Two latecomers arrived on

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Three’s Company

ByVoodoo Feb 21, 2021

It was brisk out at Calvary Saturday morning. Hoover and I met up at 0600 for a 60-minute pre-run. Both of us had slacked off this week and neede

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Radio Delay

Bywingman Feb 19, 2021

7 SOB-ers looked out the window and said 'I'm in' for today's edition of The Brave. Mosey a bit 20 SSH 15 IM 10 Potato Pickers Run to th

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Pure Rock Fury

ByHoover Feb 18, 2021

9 men made their regular weekly mistake by showing up to a Hoover Q of Meathead.  YHC is not sure which site q made the worst decision, Voodoo f

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Getting Swole for next Valentine’s Day

ByMighty Mite Feb 15, 2021

YHC got a text from Voodoo at 5:09 AM saying he was going to take an IR day.  Considering I did the same thing last week, I suppose turnabout is

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The Eagle Flies at Dawn

ByIckey Shuffle Feb 10, 2021

The latest iteration of Meathead continued the double bell strength program and ten PAX girded up their loins to tackle a midweek meltdown center

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6 More Weeks of Winter @ BAGPIPE

Bytagalong Feb 3, 2021

15 PAX did not follow Punxsutawney Phil back into his hole and refused to be scared of their own shadow.   However, burpee box jumps in front o

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