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The Brave / Centurion Post-Thanksgiving Convergence

ByTuck Nov 27, 2017

11 Centurions and Braveites converged at Ballantyne Corporate Park for a special late edition convergence the morning after Thanksgiving.  5 mil


Less Like Daytona, More like Watkins Glen

ByBratwurst Nov 20, 2017

17 PAX set out into the Ballantyne Corporate park on Tuesday, 11/14, for a looping course of medium-long interval running. The THANG: http:

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Miss Six O’Clock

ByWildTurkey Nov 18, 2017

No curves, just down and back. Actually, I ran it twice if you count the pre-run with Cul-de-Sac and Lex Luthor, plus Bratwurst and Frasier who w

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Head Out On the Highway

ByBratwurst Nov 9, 2017

16 PAX either didn't read the Preblast (or there wasn't one posted in the normal place) or fought through suggestions in their head that hills, h

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Swifter, Higher, Stronger

ByBratwurst Nov 9, 2017

Faster, Higher, Stronger - Let's try to get Faster overall (better endurance) by running some Higher minute intervals to build our Stronger lungs

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There Is A Light…..

ByGeneral Nov 6, 2017

YHC was all over an invite from Thin Mint to Q SOBland's toughest workout, The Brave. In my eagerness to bolt out of the house before the baby st

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Can you make it to the Murderhorn?

ByWildTurkey Nov 4, 2017

If I wanted, I could write a lazy backblast. We ran to the Murderhorn and back. (Most of us.) However, F3 is not for the lazy. After a 2 mi Pr

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Holding the Poop

ByFrasier Oct 27, 2017

Ten men gathered for the substitute Fire Hazard Q.  The details were vague the night before other than we were going to find some pull up bars.

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What’s a backblast?

ByBunker Oct 26, 2017

A backblast?  For Devil's Turn?  Yep...I know...it's been a really long time since you've seen one of these.  Gumbo and I have been heads down

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Not so Comfortable Speed

ByBratwurst Oct 25, 2017

19 PAX at Swift on Tuesday morning set off into the mild chill of the gloom that makes running so enjoyable.  We were instructed to find some Co