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Touring the Farm and Finding Bourbon

ByPaper Jam Nov 26, 2020

21 PAX including an FNG were not discouraged by the report of rain and gathered in the gloom for the 4th Annual Turkey Jam. At 6:30am, after a di

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Full Table at the Appetizer

ByC3P0 Nov 25, 2020

DISCC given Warm Up Short mosey up semi-slippery hill to field (when is that thing going to dry out so we can use it!), circle up for some: SSH

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Listen to the Children’s Laughter

ByCarb Load Nov 20, 2020

The evening was perfect. The table was set. Candles lighted to bring in the sunset from the Westward sky. The change of venue to the table on

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The Elevator Posse

ByGerber Apr 9, 2020

Alarm went off at 6:30am.  Thunderstorms and lightning and kids running around.  Was going to have to put this workout on hold. Zoom mediati

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Table for Five… TO GO!

ByGerber Mar 27, 2020

DiCCS - don't sue your parents.... Tonight's fine dining menu featured: Antipasti 1/4 mile jog SSH x 20 Imperial walkers x 20 Mtn climb

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OG Bootcamp by O’T

ByGeraldo Oct 20, 2019

Warm up: SSH, Merkins, MC, IW, Mosey to Turf 'loft' for 6 minutes of Mary. Warm up run to outfield fence and back to rock pile. Rock Pre

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White Men Can’t Jump

ByNemo Mar 31, 2019

13 men for an upperbody smoker in almost perfect conditions. Truly, the weather was amazing, you should have been there... Here we go:

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Light Rocks

ByJetFuel Feb 25, 2019

12 PAX congregated in the misty, cold gloom of Calvary Church's lower (or upper, or east, or west??) parking lot to strive for Rock Zero excelle

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You Go, I Go

ByPurple Haze Feb 16, 2019

All of the 13 Pax gathered at Calvary for #RockZero expected to workout in the pouring rain. But the 100% chance posted on the weather apps yest

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