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Rebel Yell Polar Plunge

Bytagalong Dec 6, 2018

16 PAX for a frigid RY Bootcamp.  Will someone please donate a sweatshirt, hat and some gloves to Chunder. #Disclaimer Wear gloves.. we wi

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Delta’s Injured-Q

ByDelta Oct 7, 2018

15 Gathered at Rebel Yell for Delta's triumphant return after he flew through the air and rolled in the gravel while moaning in pain only 9 days

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5 Years of F3

Bywingman Mar 2, 2018

Thursday: 2pm. Oh crap, I have the Q. Its my 5 year anniversary of starting F3. Better look for plan... Original plan had something to do wit


Ruck or Treat

ByGeraldo Oct 28, 2017

9 PAX made the right choice, arose from the #FartSack on a perfect Saturday morning and posted at #Stonehenge for their #DownPAINment, and here


I Doubt Brave Faithful Will Believe

ByFredo Oct 23, 2017

Been looking forward to this ever since me and Wildturkey switched AO Q's. He'll be coming to daVinci one day soon. Stay tuned. You guys have see

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