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Form day in the Crest

ByChicken Little May 4, 2020

Diccs to include social distance and split group in 1/2 today-- stress the importance of proper form, slow down and do not worry so much able the

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Bomb Jacks are NOT FUN

ByChicken Little Apr 21, 2020

DICCS given to include social distance and split PAX into two groups due to size to make sure we maintain safe space. Warm up 20- imperial

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Ab day with the maintenance man

ByChicken Little Apr 14, 2020

DICCS Given Warm up - .25 mosey circle up for 15- SSH 15- Imperial walkers 10- merkins plank/calve stretch mosey .15 miles f

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A morning in the Crest

ByChicken Little Apr 6, 2020

DICCS- given to include social distancing and how to cross the road properly Warm up Mosey .18 miles 20- Moroccan nightclubs while in squat

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Ab Work and Sex Robots

ByDamascus Sep 24, 2019

14 men braved the gloom this morning for a few laughs as we killed our abs and non-pushing muscles (aka backs and biceps). This was admittedly,

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Mistakes Have Been Made (Part 2)

ByLegalized Sep 18, 2019

Everyone who showed up for Chiseled This morning we had 16 men show up to get hot, sweaty, and too sore to post tomorrow. I'm proud of how ha

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All Around the Maulberry Bush

ByDoughBoy Sep 18, 2019

Nineteen souls appeared in the gloom at Watchtower for a Doughboy Q to avoid the Iron Pax Challenge around the monkey bars.  As usual, this grou

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Heavy Weights/Heavy Cardio

ByFuse Box Sep 11, 2019

14 men came out on this extra gloomy morning to remember the fallen and make themselves better men. Tags appear to be messing up (I've added

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A bit….Deflated

ByTransporter Aug 28, 2019

The excitement started yesterday, texts came in, Swimmers, Bottlecap. Hey! Spike got his citizenship lets celebrate it and make it an American

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