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Bump n’ Grinder

ByPuddin Pop Feb 16, 2018

Three of us were talking in parking lot, about random things...Curd discussing reasons 223 & 224 as to why he's missed the last eight months

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“Lightpole, 10-count”

ByEgypt Feb 13, 2018

13 or 14 started at Carmel Rd. Park, we picked up 2 or 3 more at Carmel Middle, and by the end, we had 16 for an on-the-move mash-up of arm, leg

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Intellectualness and Gainz

ByMario Feb 11, 2018

10 men took the invitation to the Mario Party after subscribing to the preblast YHC put out on Thursday for The Brave. Brave Frequency Training

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The 777 is one fine aircraft…

ByJetFuel Dec 8, 2017

11 PAX made the right choice and posted for Area 51's finest workout at Hydra.  The 40 degree temperature was deceiving, as several PAX would la

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Earning the tryptophan crash

ByPurell Dec 1, 2017

Sorry for the late post, better late than never I guess. Thanks to Wingman for setting up my ability to finally post BB's. 8 PAX smartly deci

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9 Strong&Fast

ByDaisy Nov 29, 2017

9 Strong&Fast showed up for the midweek edition of Area 51's best and toughest workout on Hwy 51.  Here's what they did: Quick lap around


Ruck Zero

ByGeraldo Nov 25, 2017

13 Pax including a 2.0, lifted themselves from their tryptophan slumbers and made the right choice by posting to #RockZero for their DownPAINment

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Flipper Leads a Gearless Workout?!?!?

ByFlipper Nov 18, 2017

YHC hadn't Q'ed in a a while, hell I haven't done much but run since before BRR.  #SoccerArms. I knew I wanted to Q in November, but today was a

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“This sucks”, – Curd

ByDaisy Nov 16, 2017

An even 8 braved tumbling temperatures for this week's installment of Hydra.  Here's what they did/you missed: Run around the parking lot