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Trojan in the Hood

ByChicken Little Apr 1, 2020

DICCS given- reminder of social distancing as well as normal DICCS Warm up 10- low slow squats 10- imperial walkers upward dog- downw

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Bushwood in the Crests

ByChastain Mar 31, 2020

It's Tuesday, the weather is good, and everyone could use a stroll on the greens to ease our minds and soothe our worries. Of course not everyone

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Crime Free Diesel

ByChastain Mar 27, 2020

3 PAX posted on the empty basketball courts at Briarcrest. The rims have been removed, so are they really basketball courts any more? This mornin

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ByChicken Little Mar 26, 2020

DICCS- given Warm up 10- low slow squats 4 - merkins, calve stretch, stretch middle, right and left Slow mosey 1.25 miles The Than

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A Visit to the Tuscan Village

ByChastain Mar 25, 2020

6 PAX made the harrowing journey across the street to Tuscany. Harrowing cause that bridge is slick in GOOD conditions. We were moving in the dar

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Brother’s Keeper

ByChastain Mar 24, 2020

If you read nothing else, please skip down to the Moleskin. The rest of the backblast is standard fare: we ran here, did these exercises, blah

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Monday morning in the CREST

ByChicken Little Mar 23, 2020

6:08am Pre-work- via texted Schneider, and Ricky Bobby bailed and agreed to workout later - WTF is happening here? I guess with the lock-down

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It looked better sitting on the couch

ByChastain Mar 21, 2020

Checked with the Chicken last night to see if he wanted me to Q. He said go for it, so I sat on my couch and typed up the weinke. Funny how the w

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Chasing the Chicken

ByChastain Mar 20, 2020

Thursday - 9:41 PM - Chicken texts me on GroupMe to let me know it's on for 6:30 AM in BC south side. Boom. I'm in. Thursday - 10:00 PM - I tell

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Forever Grateful

ByChicken Little Mar 16, 2020

DICCS/Disclaimer do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed, who is CPR certified and who has a cell phone The Warm Up Mosey to

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