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Muscle by Masonry

BySugar Daddy Mar 31, 2021

Its Chiseled------time to break out the Cooooooupons. One nice thing about F3 Waxhaw is the variety of workouts. Yesterday , I was at Waxhaw E

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Flash Backblast

ByEasy Button Mar 29, 2021

Warm up Mosey to Rudy’s Shed. 20 x SSH Mosey to Round about near tennis courts. 20 x SSH 15 Imperial Walkers 15 plank jacks 15 m

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Is that actual Sweat?

BySugar Daddy Mar 12, 2021

With the warmer temperature today, shirts were actually soaked again! Puddles of sweat were noticed on the pavement! It was like an old friend vi

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March Madness Hoop Dreams

BySledge-O-Matic Mar 11, 2021

Computer problems lead to me having to hand write my Weinke at the last minute before go-time at Chiseled and I came in hot to the Five Stones lo

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Simple Yet Effective?

ByFuse Box Feb 26, 2021

14 guys snuck in to join me before mother nature unleashed yet more rain (Is this how Noah felt?).  I had two sneaky plans for today.  A longer

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Chickens, Donkeys and Mike Tysons- great monday

ByChicken Little Feb 15, 2021

DICCS- Given to include all the usual items. Warm Up- Long Mosey to front of high school for monster walk, knee's to chest and since Damascus

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Thats two you owe me, junior

ByChastain Feb 12, 2021

I'm going to attempt to blow up this website. GIFs (pronounced with a hard G) are way more fun than actual text to get your point across. Es

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No running? No gear? No problem.

ByChastain Feb 5, 2021

The challenge? A no running workout with no gear. The reason? To prove it could be done. The outcome? See below.   5 other PAX joined

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