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Simple doesn’t mean easy

ByPurell Oct 17, 2019

Quick disclaimer followed by a 1 mile warm-up through downtown Matthews THE Thang: High plank held while given following directions: 3 corners o

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3 1/2 Corners

ByPoptart Oct 10, 2019

Silly me agreed awhile back to take a Q at Sparta, and then I asked, what is the minimum expected mileage. Response: 4.5 miles. Dang it. Wha

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ByFunkyCold Oct 8, 2019

15 PAX sweated a lot on an unseasonably warm fall morning. Probably 10 degrees cooler now in the afternoon. Disclaimer.... care about you, be

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We Ran, We Saw, We Conquered

ByMadison Oct 7, 2019

PAX Madison (Q), Gypsy, Christmas, Arena, Retread, Funky Cold, Full House, Box Truck, Turkey Leg, Cage The Thang Disclaimer given Le

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New toy for A51 runners

ByGypsy Sep 26, 2019

E ala ‘oe!! e holo ana nā kānaka 3rd F: Besides all the cries out the great Sky Q from the workout being awful today, I want to give

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No funny business

ByChinMusic Sep 12, 2019

YHC chose not to pre-run today in an attempt to save my sweat for the workout. I'm sure I'm in the majority when I saw "wow, I'm ready for this

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Many Miles. Much Pain.

ByMcGee Sep 9, 2019

AYE. For those of us who didn't waste away our bodies, minds, souls and spirits on the BRR this weekend, we gathered on a fine and crisp Monday

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Sandbags and Starfish

ByFault Line Sep 6, 2019

I'm sure I've used this title before....because I know I've used my sandbags and starfish before...ha! Great workout today with a strong group.

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It Looked Good on Paper

ByGeraldo Aug 28, 2019

18 PAX climbed out of their #FartSacks and made their way to #F3Skunkworks for some KB work that was full of #MumbleChatter. The Thang: Th

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From 10 to 65 years old: ALL men are welcome at F3 Outland

ByGypsy Aug 3, 2019

3rd F:If you all have ever read one of Horseheads backblast then you know he has the gift of gab with words to make you want to read it even if

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