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These Contenders Didn’t Give Up

ByBonhoeffer Jan 19, 2021

@ #F3Thrive 10 PAX didn't hunt chickens like Bernanke wanted but we did enjoy some chilly, rocky fun. The Warmup 3-Minutes, 6 Run

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Starting to Sharpen

ByCatfish Jan 4, 2021

....Mosey around the parking 1 time WARM UP: Location #1 (Concrete Circle) SSH x 15 Merkin x 15 Mtn Climber x 15 LSS x 15 Calf

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8 Crazy Nights

ByBonhoeffer Dec 9, 2020

12 PAX were brought to the 27°s of the Island of Misfit Toys @ #F3Thrive to enjoy Chanukah's 8 Crazy Nights. The Warmup 50 Sides

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Making new friends and honoring one

ByHair Band Dec 6, 2020

Glass joe was out of town, I noticed the odd silence in the atmosphere. So I messaged him asking who was on Q, it was offered to YHC and I gladl

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Between a Rock and Thermopylae

ByBonhoeffer Sep 27, 2020

9 PAX @ #F3TippingPoint found out that 300 was their favorite number. They hadn't known this fact before. The Warmup 3-Minutes, 6 R

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Quarter Pounder w/ Pleas

ByBonhoeffer Jul 15, 2020

8 PAX @ #F3Thrive kept our heartrates up near 160 for a long time (special knowledge thanks to Unplugged). The Warmup 3-Minutes, 6

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Good Luck on the Stage

ByBonhoeffer Jun 16, 2020

6 PAX @ #F3Thrive paid homage to all the closed theatres by working our way over to the stage to "break a leg." #TooSoon? The Warmup

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