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12 Days of Christmas

ByBaracus Dec 15, 2017

18 men came out to Kevlar this brisk Friday morning to get their day off to a strong start.  Hopefully everyone felt rewarded for escaping the f

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Has Anyone Seen the Q

ByGumbo Nov 30, 2017

14 PAX showed up for Devils Turn this morning, and even the Q (Gumbo) was there... nearly on time. Many of us have faced the dreaded realizati

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Early Bus

ByBaracus Nov 17, 2017

Nine men came arrived at Charlotte Christian this chilly morning, looking for a way to get warmed up.  They found it. Mosey up the parking lo

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Highway to Hell

ByDollywood Nov 15, 2017

Swinging Kb's can get a little bit boring. So... YHC decided to switch it up a little bit. We got the pleasantries out of the way and started

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Skunkworks screamer!

ByBulldog Nov 7, 2017

21 at Skunkworks today for a bit of a mean one that got the lungs and heart rate going just a tad! THE THANG Warm up - SSH, IW etc Light


Rack em and Rep em

ByBananas Oct 31, 2017

Disclaimer Rack em Walk down to benches at scout hut Warmup of One run to street and back 20 step ups 10 each leg 20 bench dips


Donut Run Musings

ByBushwood Oct 26, 2017

We ran 6.5 miles and 7 out of the 12 stayed for donuts/2ndF! Musings: 8 Things I am learning right now: 1. Always pursue your M. Don't s