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Watchtower/Mos Eisley Cantina Crunch

ByAckbar May 12, 2020

After a long hiatus, Ackbar returned with many for F3, and my 1st appearance at Watchtower. Thanks Doughboy for asking me. Well we broke the law;

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Form day in the Crest

ByChicken Little May 4, 2020

Diccs to include social distance and split group in 1/2 today-- stress the importance of proper form, slow down and do not worry so much able the

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A whole flock of chickens for abs and legs

ByChicken Little May 1, 2020

Diccs give to include social distancing and modify as needed as this workout will be different- core and legs mainly-- NEW MOVES Today!! Warm

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Bombjack Bonanza-

ByChicken Little Apr 29, 2020

Field trip day 2 Cuthbertson-- With two more Chaperones... (Zinfandel and High Hat) to help wrangle all the Southside Briarcrest peeps--- I think

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The Briarcrest Field Trip

ByChicken Little Apr 28, 2020

Diccs given and Reminder of social distancing- especially since we are off site and at a new place. Also keep your eyes out for any Lawsonites th

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Bomb Jacks are NOT FUN

ByChicken Little Apr 21, 2020

DICCS given to include social distance and split PAX into two groups due to size to make sure we maintain safe space. Warm up 20- imperial

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Trojan in the Hood

ByChicken Little Apr 1, 2020

DICCS given- reminder of social distancing as well as normal DICCS Warm up 10- low slow squats 10- imperial walkers upward dog- downw

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Monday morning in the CREST

ByChicken Little Mar 23, 2020

6:08am Pre-work- via texted Schneider, and Ricky Bobby bailed and agreed to workout later - WTF is happening here? I guess with the lock-down

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Forever Grateful

ByChicken Little Mar 16, 2020

DICCS/Disclaimer do not sue me, the school, or F3 and modify as needed, who is CPR certified and who has a cell phone The Warm Up Mosey to

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