Missed, but not Forgotten

ByHollywood Dec 5, 2017

Fartsacker Posse hinted the night before that YHC may be venturing to Watchtower's original stomping grounds for a little old school fun. So

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First Annual 3FFEE Awards Recap

ByFoundation Dec 4, 2017

20+ Pax made it out for a 2nd F Opportunity and the presentation of the First Annual 3FF33 Awards at Dreamchaser's Brewery.  Here is a recap fro

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Broken Ankles and Frozen Weinkes

ByFoundation Nov 28, 2017

14 Pax made the brave #insane decision to show up to Red Riders VQ in sub artic temperatures that featured frozen penguins along the running rout

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Watchtower Hills and Calfs

ByFoundation Nov 7, 2017

12 Pax showed up at Watchtower for a few rounds around the concrete hill and some calf toning. Warmup: Quick Mosey around Buses SSH

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Trick or Treating – Watchtower Style

ByFoundation Oct 31, 2017

Halloween Trick or Treating On a crisp autumn morning, 18 PAX showed up for Fuze Boxes Virgin Q and some Trick or Treating fun. We were graced

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The First Time Ever

ByFrack Oct 24, 2017

18 PAX showed up even though the GroupMe chatter should have warned you to stay away. Even Goodfella showed up after having his feeling severely

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It was supposed to be a “Calf-Friendly” Workout

ByBig Tuna Oct 3, 2017

There were 11 for Watchtower this morning.............Here's what happened! It was a quick mosey around the parking lot, including some butt

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Deck of Death

ByBottlecap Sep 27, 2017

POSTED ON BEHALF OF JINGLES (IN THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH):  14 men gathered at the Weddington campus for an auspicious occasion, Jingles’ VQ. Wr

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Lights, Camera, Action!

ByMadison Sep 6, 2017

When I pulled in to Weddington High at 5:00, there was a local news crew on site.  I thought to myself, Posse really rolls out the red carpet fo

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Jump Ropes and Stadium Stairs – Watchtower

ByFoundation Aug 22, 2017

11 PAX showed in the gloom at Watchtower for a partner workout minus man on man touching. Warmup: SSH Potato Pickers Old Man Stretc

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