ByChastain Feb 23, 2021

That's a funny word. Today at Watchtower 14 PAX fondled some balls. Is it possible to fondle anything else? Anyways, thanks to Posse for loaning

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Knock off the dust….

ByDeadwood Feb 17, 2021

5 pax joined me a for at Watchtower that even Damascus would understand. Sometimes simple is better. Warmup: We moseyed in front of the sch

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Spread ‘Em Blue Screen?

ByZinfandel Feb 9, 2021

Sore. Tired. Useless. That’s a description of my body after Friday’s FSAUP. I probably would have fartsacked again today but Watchtower is so

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Fartlek-ing Express Coming Through– ChooChoo!!

ByChicken Little Feb 9, 2021

DICCS given- to include all the usual items- Warm up Mosey to Transporter shed for Jimmy Dungan stretching plank right arm high and r

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Banjo no longer has the Gout!

ByBanjo Feb 3, 2021

2 weeks ago I had a lovely gout attack in my ankle so my Q was delayed until this week.  Luckily Easy Button was passing the torch to Schneider'

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Raining on My Parade

ByRicky Bobby Jan 26, 2021

6 Pax braved the elements and showed up for a wet workout that included rolling around in puddles. Today was a big day for me, as I was handed ov

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Watchtower Backblast

ByEasy Button Jan 19, 2021

Warm up Warm up lap around the big field in front of the elementary school and circle up in front of main entrance to the school. 20 x SSH

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60 degrees and clear skies

ByBottlecap Jan 12, 2021

There are lots of things PAX think about when deciding to post: Great weather > Cold and rainy Late start time > No sleep Solid

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