Cresters Storm The Roads of Tuscany

ByChicken Little Apr 2, 2020

DICCSs given to include safety rules for crossing the road and social distancing Warm up Mosey a brisk pace of .20 and circle up back at CO

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Weights on Wynhurst

ByGerber Mar 31, 2020

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) Warmup 20 x SSH 15 x Imp Walkers 10 x Merkins 15 x Plank Jacks 5 x Burpees GRAB

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Anyone Out There?

ByGerber Mar 24, 2020

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety) Mosey ½ mile Warm Up: SSH x 15 IC Imperial Walkers x 15 IC Calf Stretch

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Burpee 101: Intro to Burpees

ByChastain Mar 10, 2020

22 guys showed up for some burpees, burpees, and uh, more burpees. Whipped out an extended DiCCCS today, with an added C for Coronavirus. 3...2..

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The Beast (6,6,6,6,6,6)

ByMadDog Mar 7, 2020

10 Pax came out to Homecoming for a good Saturday morning beatdown.  DICCS was given and off we went for a nice long mosey. COP: The usual

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I’m on a Hot Streak

ByBrutus Mar 3, 2020

You may not have heard, but I’ve officially posted for 2 consecutive days and without quitting the Playhouse. How long can I keep this blisteri

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Burpees and More Burpees

ByBanjo Feb 18, 2020

23 Men came out this morning for some high mileage and way too many burpees.  I let Smithers(who is down like 30 freakin pounds btw) know that w

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I guess I’m Pinky

ByDeflated Feb 11, 2020

Today's workout was brought to you by the iconic video game Pac-Man developed in 1980  where an 8 bit pizza shaped character was to maneuver aro

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No, I mentioned the Bisque….

ByFoundation Feb 4, 2020

21 Pax came out to Watchtower including some of the pax who enjoy higher mileage (Gerber, Hollywood, and Dasher) so what will we do, provide a wo

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