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ByTuck May 26, 2020

4 men and 3 2.0’s split the Q at the latest installment of Garage Band. Pyramid 2 minute run into our respective ‘hoods (1 min out /

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Who are the people in your neighborhood?

ByDasBoot May 22, 2020

In this time of SIPO, many have had the opportunity to spend more time with family and to feel a sense of longing for simple things like wanderin

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Change in the Format

ByCheese Curd May 15, 2020

Finally able to break my VQ Cherry with todays addition of Clyent Dinner.  During all my virtual workouts, I have done a bunch of variation on T

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Phase 1

ByHorsehead May 8, 2020

PAX: Orange Whip, EE, Puddin Pop, Cottontail, Geraldo, Stone Cold, Horsehead (QIC) 7 mangy Kashykkian moofmilkers busted out of the Phase 1


Save the Burpees for the end

ByFire Hazard May 7, 2020

9 Men showed up for another virtual edition on of The Arsenal / Rebel Yell A discliamer was given and here is what we did. Warm-up 15 SS

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Driveway Beat Down

ByMadame Tussauds May 1, 2020

PAX: Wild Turkey, Midriff, Point Break, Tagalong, Mighty Might, Frehley's Comet, Tuck, Odd Boy Out, Madame Tussauds 9 SOB posted on their driv

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Not much chatter, just a good quiet beatdown to start the week…

ByPoint Break Apr 27, 2020

Quiet morning in the Gloom today. Seven PAX + Three 2.0s (Hang 10? No? Too much?) hit the surf this morning to start off their weeks. Here’s

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Burpees and stuff

ByFire Hazard Apr 23, 2020

7 Men showed up for a virtual Rebel Yell / Arsenal Thursday. This is what they did.. SSH - 25 LSS -20 IW - 20 Merkins - 15 10 B

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What Have You Learned In 5 Years From F3?

ByPaper Jam Apr 21, 2020

51 plus PAX woke up, found the link, turned on their smart device or lap top and decided to spend some time together but socially distant at Virt

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Old School Beat Down in the Rain

ByMadame Tussauds Apr 9, 2020

20 or 21 SOBs crawled out of bed to their garage, porch, living room or driveway for an old school beat down by a Madame. Here’s what we did:

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