Dirty Dozen for an “Easy” Workout

ByBonhoeffer Mar 7, 2018

13 PAX got an easy workout at Thrive at Carolina Courts: Shake N Bake, Bernanke, Thurston, Bullwinkle, Hairband, Lamont, Hoffa, Glass Joe, Sheph

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Winter Olympics… or just the Thrive Challenge.

ByHair Band Mar 6, 2018

This is always a different F3 workout, no cadence, no COP, no Mary. This is you vs you to set a baseline if your first time or compare back to pa

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A Happy Birthday/F3 Anniversary AO called Thrive

Byshakenbake Feb 22, 2018

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I decided to Q at Thrive I feel like a It's my birthday and I have a great idea, I Q t

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Thrive 2.0 – the Q re-do

ByMadison Feb 14, 2018

YHC set expectations for solid beatdown on 2/5/17, the eve of Union Co's toughest boot camp, Thrive.  I was excited to Q Tuesday AM, and was ful

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The not exactly Keats Thrive backblast

ByNomad Feb 7, 2018

Twas five thirty in the morning at Carolina Courts' Thrive, the Pax were still waiting For the Q to arrive.   Alas, now it wa

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Insert witty headline

ByThurston Feb 1, 2018

On a surprisingly wet and unsurprisingly chilly Tuesday, we had a good-sized crowd at Thrive. 15 pax showed up to brave the elements and burn off

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Merkins, Mileage & More

ByHair Band Jan 9, 2018

A cold damp morning with some ice on the ground so disclaimer given and we were off! COP Side Straddle Hop x 25 Oh here comes Bernanke, wh

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Queen was right… ‘Don’t try suicide(s)’

ByNomad Nov 15, 2017

...Nobody's worth it... who knew a 70's-80's rock band knew so much about F3?  Despite the chilly temp, the gloom and a warning to bring running

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Thrive Challenge 2.0… Well, maybe 1.1

ByHair Band Nov 7, 2017

Thrive means to grow, develop, flourish. Well how do we know if we are thriving? We need to have a baseline to measure from and since I am a fla

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Thurston’s VQ at Thrive

ByHair Band Nov 3, 2017

Posted on behalf of Thurston, #cobains for the delay that is on me.   On Halloween morning nine pax gathered in the cold gloom for the

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