Give to the poor in the name of Jesus

ByIce9 Sep 26, 2018

Christ's Closet is a ministry started by the men of F3Sanctuary. We give away clothes, books, furniture, and household gifts in the name of Jesus

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Q Juice!

ByGoodfella Aug 8, 2018

POSTED ON BEHALF OF ROCKWELL: 26 great men gathered this morning at Dromedary for a campus tour.  Bottle Cap pointed out that I had some “Q

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Who Pushes Who

ByGlass Joe Jul 4, 2018

The 4:00 or 4:30 AM alarm goes off and here we go again insanely listening to it. Get out of bed and run into a few doorways stumbling through t

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Honoring the fallen: F3 Nation Convergence + Patriot 5K BB

ByLittle Mike May 29, 2018

  Photo Post "Extra Mile"                                      BOM w/ TC Fred (Coast Guard 1952-1960"   H.E. rememb

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Pre-blast for “Operation Supply Line” #3rdF

ByHair Band May 6, 2018

My 2.0 "Bellyflop" is doing a National Honor Society project for school and he wanted to help our F3 brother "Donut Hole" who is getting ready to

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Helping our Brother, Bout Time

ByMermaid Jan 3, 2018

So many men have asked how they can help Bout Time and his family.  2-year-old Jennings was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing treatment

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Charlotte Marathon Relay – SPEED FOR NEED – FINAL PREBLAST

ByAlf Nov 9, 2017

PAX - This weekend is it.  Charlotte Marathon Relay with SPEED FOR NEED.  Tolkien has been putting in extra hours (is that even possible?) g

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Race for the Cure with Speed for Need

ByIce9 Oct 16, 2017

Backblast here, friends:      

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Pre-blast New Study begins at TimeKeeper

Byarchive Oct 3, 2016

Starting tomorrow a new study begins at Timekeeper, the 3rd F at Einstein Bros. Bagels in Ballantyne after Bagpipe and Swift. We will read throu

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Year Of The Goat

ByDrop Thrill Feb 20, 2015

As my one year anniversary in F3 quickly approaches the end of March, it’s one of those times that writers like to wax nostalgic and tell you a