The Valley

Abba Q at the Valley

BySloppy Jun 14, 2018  

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The Valley pre-blast

BySloppy May 24, 2018

There is a time for everything under heaven. Turn turn turn.  Grave Dancer Q. SYITG

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This won’t hurt a bit…

BySloppy May 10, 2018

Despite the .gif warning issued last evening, 8 of the finest Pax this side of Fairview joined YHC for the best small batch workout in F3 known a

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ByHammer May 9, 2018

So what happened was :   Goonie finally decided to join us again.   For warm up we started with a short jog and 21s .   I was sure w

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War Daddy Did it Again

BySloppy May 3, 2018

Pax 9 hit the gloom on a balmy May morn.  Sun came up early! Warmup 20x SSH 20x imperial walkers 15x SSJ The Thang Run to the fiel

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Meru the Mud Runner and the Audit

BySloppy Apr 26, 2018

Not only did we mistakenly think that we would have a low mileage day with Meru at the helm, but we never would have expected this! Warm up:

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Taco Stand

BySloppy Mar 22, 2018

Taco's last stand was a proper send off to our friend Takahito headed back to Japan.  He is a real HIM. Warmup SSH X 30 IC Squats X 2

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Taco’s last Stand- the valley preblast

BySloppy Mar 22, 2018

Tomorrow in the gloom at the Valley. Your bed might be soft and warm but so is a big pile of horse sh#$! Get out of the fart sack manana and give

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Curing What Ails Ya

BySloppy Oct 26, 2017

Mosey to end/bottom of Huntingtowne Farms Lane Warm up: SSH x 30 Merkins x 20 Mountain climbers x 10 Imperial walkers x 15 Copperhead squ

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Mosey to the Track, then Sprint! A lot of Sprinting….

BySloppy Oct 12, 2017

Mosey to the track - Warm up 30x SSH 20x lbc’s 10x Squat Staddle Hops 20x imperial walkers Track sprints 1x 100% 10 burpees 2x 75% 1

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