The Maul

Lights Out

ByMic Check Mar 5, 2014

13, including 1 FNG, showed up to a pitch black Maul to get their hump day workout in.  I'm not sure if it was Mighty Mite or I who forgot to



Bywingman Feb 26, 2014

14 of our areas finest strolled in for a painfest at the maul this morning plus one extra grumpy individual. The Thang Mosey to the movie theate

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Sledding in the Rain

ByMic Check Feb 20, 2014

14 men ventured out after a night of lightning and loud thunder to make a little noise of their own at The Maul.  We were givien perfect 50 degr

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All Clear

ByMic Check Feb 12, 2014

8 pax were greeted with clear and dry roads on their way into The Maul today.  We out ran the snow to get a good workout in before a day of sle


Area 51 Revised Workout Schedule for Wed., 2/12

ByStage Coach Feb 11, 2014

Please see the following revised workout schedule for Wednesday, Feb. 12: The Maul - Open, normal schedule Anvil - Open, normal schedule De

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Pax must enjoy 20 and snowy more than 40 and rainy.

ByMighty Mite Feb 5, 2014

5 pax gathered next to the movie theater in Stonecrest for their weekly pilgrimmage to The Maul. The Thang: Mosey in front of the movie theater

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Grateful For The Disclaimer

ByMic Check Jan 30, 2014

Posted for Soft Pretzel: 7 PAX stepped onto the rink this morning at The Maul.  Seriously this place was a skating rink and YHC was a little ne

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Cold Chillin’ At the Maul

ByMighty Mite Jan 23, 2014

> 13 Pax showed at the Maul this chilly morning, a few stragglers thought about fartsacking but they listened to their consciences and joined

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At least this one doesn’t make me any more tired.

ByMighty Mite Jan 15, 2014

13 Pax went to an off campus field trip at the Murderhorn. The Thang: Mosey to the back of the parking lot for a Warm-Up COP SSH X 20 IW X 20


1 49er Faithful

ByMic Check Jan 8, 2014

Trash talking Mighty Mite suggested after Sunday's Niner victory that I should make The Maul workout this week a Panther vs 49er theme.  I took