The Matrix

Guerillas in the Mist

ByLex Luthor Jul 24, 2017

10 Guerillas out there in the mist (gloom) this morning.  It was a hot and muggy morning. Warmup Quick jog followed by: Side Straddle H


Bring Your Running Shoes

ByPaper Jam Jul 17, 2017

On a relatively cool July morning, 14 PAX (including a FNG) joined YHC to see if he actually had running shoes. After the approved Area 51 discla

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Baker’s Dozen 5k

ByRetread Jun 26, 2017

13 PAX took advantage of an uncharacteristically cool June morning to undertake another journey to The Matrix. The Thang Quick mosey to the pa

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That time we snuck up on some deer

ByAlf Jun 19, 2017

17 men circled up at 0530 this morning ready to sweat out the beer and grilled meat from a Father's Day weekend.  I think we go some of it accom

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BOGO Pavers

ByOrangeWhip Jun 12, 2017

  Last night was my 12 year anniversary so after a bottle of champagne and a pre-workout (TMI?) I was a little tired this morning, but I'


Me and Laronda Down by the School Yard…

BySmokey Jun 1, 2017

Awesome weather this morning.   The thing: Side Straddle Hop x 20 Imperial Walker x 20 Good Morning Nashville x 10 Run to

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Froggy Style

ByTurkey Leg May 22, 2017

Twenty men joined hopped out to a quick start at this week's Matrix The Thang Mosey to East lot for COP: Merkins x20 PP x20 MC x20 5

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A Mongol Leads a Bunch of Savages at the Matrix

ByJRR Tolkien May 8, 2017

SUMMARY 21 men (including 1 FNG) showed up at The Matrix for a last minute obstacle course training cram session, led by the Mongolian Banana


Just go until it gets wet!

ByProhibition Apr 24, 2017

4 real men (arguably dumb men) decided to show up to The Matrix this morning during one nasty rain storm.  With a shovel flag firmly planted in

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Basic Instructions

ByPoptart Apr 19, 2017

Men got out to their cars and I made up the workout while I was hitting the hay last night. What can we do that only requires me giving instruct

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