The Matrix

Foggy Starfish

ByHuggieBear Nov 6, 2017

21 PAX came out on time and not an hour earlier for an unseasonably warm and foggy Monday morning. Disclaimer given and mosey down to lower park

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Slapping the Floor

ByMcGee Oct 30, 2017

AYE. The PAX gathered in the gloom and 05:30 came and went without any floors being slapped. We were about to have a Q by democracy and Da Squids

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“Blue 42…SET…Burpee!”

ByOrangeWhip Oct 23, 2017

I assumed on a day when it was a pure downpour at 5am that no one would be there for my Q. I prepared to run alone or just go back home, but the

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Old School Without the Backpacks

ByUncle Leo Oct 9, 2017

16 men posted on this muggy like July October morning for some promised old school suckage.  YHC doesn't post often on Mondays any more and was

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40s are the new 30s

ByChinMusic Oct 2, 2017

19 men helped YHC celebrate his 40th birthday in F3 style.  When Pop Tart asked me months back to Q this date, I got excited about the unplanned

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Exercitiul este bun pentru tine.

Bylaronda Sep 18, 2017

The Thang: Disclaimer Mosey to far end of fields to grab one block per PAX (+1 rock, see moleskine) then back to launch. COP: IW (10x IC)

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No Boom Town Rats at The Matrix!

ByFault Line Sep 11, 2017

For those of us around in the early 80's, you might remember Bob Geldof who starred in the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall and also was the driving fo

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Fire Engine Red Pill

ByArgonaut Aug 21, 2017

14 of Charlotte's manliest men, and 1 beast from Winston Salem opted for the red pill (which is a thing that should only be used for "The Matrix"

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Rain + Monday

ByWildTurkey Aug 7, 2017

After a some Q swap negotiations, I stepped up to lead The Matrix. My solo pre-run helped me reorient myself to the AO and set some cones for lat

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A Carbon Copy Anniversary Beat Down

ByMadison Aug 1, 2017

July 31 marked 2 important dates - another trip around the sun and the 3 year anniversary for YHC.  I could think of  no better way to celebrat