The Matrix

Hanz and Franz, Will Pump You Up.

ByCrabcake Jun 17, 2013

  17 men gathered at The Matrix for a Monday morning workout that Hanz and Franz (more on this later) dished out. Good workout by all with

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Monday Monsoon

ByJoker Jun 10, 2013

A brave storm-worthy 20 PAX showed up to McKee Rd elementary for "Monday Matrix Monsoon."  The Thang:  Warmup -Mosey Jog around the field -

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Zip-A-Dee’s Fan Club

ByZippidy Jun 3, 2013

5 of Zip’s dedicated faithful fan club weren’t discouraged by Cantore’s weather prediction nor the precipitation that blew in throughout th

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Memorial Day Workout

ByJoker May 27, 2013

42 men gathered today at The Matrix, in recognition of Memorial Day. Kept it simple, no frills required: Fast-paced trail run Squats / Merkins

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By The Book

ByDora May 20, 2013

17 beasts emerged from the dampened Gloom ready to kick Monday in the teeth and stood steady for another massive dose of... THE RED PILL 1/3 mi

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The Backblast Didn’t Show Up Either

ByDora May 13, 2013

5 waterproof Pax ventured into the gloom to start their week with a downPAINment. For their commitment, they were rewarded with a break in the ra

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Roughing the Passer

ByJoker May 13, 2013

30 men posted at The Matrix for Psycho T's first QIC experience.  The Thang SSH X 20 IW X 20 Combo platter - Merkins; Peter Parker; Parker P

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Sea World

ByJoker Apr 29, 2013

20 men / young men gathered in the swamp lands of Area 51 for a beat down at The Matrix.  The Thang Warm up jog COP - SSH/Squats/Merkins/Impe

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ByDora Apr 22, 2013

(...posted on behalf of Lex Luthor...) The shovel flag was planted this morning and 28 (C.J. Spillers # for all you Clemson fans) men posted thi

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ByJoker Apr 15, 2013

24 men gathered in the gloom for a tax-day downpainment. The Thang Jog around school SSHX25 MerkinsX10 SquatsX40 MerkinsX10 SquatsX40 Run