The Floater

105th rendition of Floater – Crossy Roads Remix

ByFoundation Jan 23, 2020

19 Pax gathered by the water tower in downtown Waxhaw today for the Floater.  5:28 and DICCS covered being covered by Carbload and clock strike

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F3 Waxhaw Weight Loss Competition – Week 1 Results and Recap

ByFoundation Jan 16, 2020

Week 1 results are in and we are off to a great start with all but 1 Pax posting a positive result.  Time will tell as week 1 usually is the eas

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Time to Make the Donuts….Croissants!

ByFoundation Jan 16, 2020

27 Pax came to Floater this morning for an fun filled workout.  Upon entry YHC and remaining LRC crew got to see Bottlecap and Gerber doing a pr

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We Lost A Lot of Good Men Out There….

ByZinfandel Jan 9, 2020

And for my 38th Q, I will pull a rabbit out of my...nah. We are going to destroy some Strava segments together after being personally annoyed as

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20/20 Vision

ByGerber Jan 2, 2020

Day 2 of the new year and 17 men with 20/20 vision decided to either start off the new year or log day 2/2 and keep their perfect attendance stre

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F3 Waxhaw Weight Loss Competition

ByFoundation Dec 30, 2019

All right fellas we will begin our weight loss competition this week  and it will run for 8 weeks.  The competition will have 3 components - in

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F3 Waxhaw’s 3rd F goals/strategies for 2020

ByBottlecap Dec 23, 2019

7 PAX met at Dreamchasers on Thursday night to have beers and get away from wrapping presents brainstorm on what the 3rd F (Faith) means and ho

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Train Wreck my Weinke

ByCarb Load Dec 12, 2019

F3 Waxhaw has a special AO in the down town area that I love. The Floater. We have certain rules at The Floater and one of them is Burpee Trian.

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2019 EFFEE Award Recap

ByFoundation Dec 9, 2019

On 12/7/19 Briarcrest hosted the 3rd annual EFFEE Awards at their Convention...Assembly...Tiny Clubhouse Big Living Center. The night began wi

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