The Floater

Want to see who your friends are? Call Burpees post COT

ByFuse Box Jan 21, 2021

Spoiler, I was the only one who did burpees.  Details in the Moleskin. 18 Pax came out for a beautiful morning (any time its above 40 and not

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Exploring uncharted territory (DO NOT ENTER)

ByChatterbox Jan 14, 2021

Why not come back from injury to Q. Took away some sleep the previous night, but being on Q made me commit. DICCS given. Mosse to Animal ho

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Success!!!!….or did he fake it???

BySugar Daddy Jan 7, 2021

Ever since I started F3, Ice9 has always encouraged me and pushed me to get better. I really have appreciated it. The guy is a workout beast and

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Closing out 2020 with One Word

ByBottlecap Dec 31, 2020

18 men showed up at The Floater to say good bye riddance to 2020 with a 45 60 minute tour of Downtown Waxhaw's 3 picturesque notorious hills.  T

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Throne of Lies

ByChicken Little Dec 10, 2020

DICCS Given- cell phone, cpr, modify as needed, social distancing where applicable Warm up Mosey over to Dream Chasers for 20- SSH 10

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Learning Proper Burpee Form

ByPremature Dec 4, 2020

The Warmup Starting the morning at HOT 25 degrees can always be painful but feels like heaven after 10- minutes. DiCCS were given two minutes

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Back to COT… Psych!

ByRockwell Nov 19, 2020

8 strong for The Floater this morning!  That’s a light crowd for this site.  I’m sure the coldest morning we’ve had in a long time contri

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The Touch of the Master’s Hand

ByFuse Box Nov 12, 2020

Would you believe me if I told you I use to be a site Q at the 87th worst site in Waxhaw?  This was before it was known as the 87th worst site.

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