The Brave

Intellectualness and Gainz

ByMario Feb 11, 2018

10 men took the invitation to the Mario Party after subscribing to the preblast YHC put out on Thursday for The Brave. Brave Frequency Training

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Preblast – Mario Party

ByMario Feb 8, 2018

You may have seen the letters MFT floating around YHC’s Strava account. Well, you’re bouta learn today. MFT stands for Max Frequency Training

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The Thorn

ByTuck Feb 2, 2018

14 gluttons for punishment posted at The Brave for "The Thorn" at the 'horn. Thang Disclaimer: "I am not a professional, but I am a brofessio

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Sandbags and Fun

ByFire Hazard Jan 28, 2018

15 men showed up to check out the new location for the hardest South Charlotte AO.....THE BRAVE. The Thang, Get in teams of 2. Be honest wi

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The Brave is Dead. Long live The Brave.

ByWildTurkey Jan 13, 2018

It's over, finito. It had a good run. Is so long for The Brave??? For most of my Qs, I pour over and come up with some wild route

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Dare to be stupid

ByUdder Jan 5, 2018

5 formidable fellows emerged from the shadows in order to take the DRP and start off the day a HIM. After some quick chatter about the layers we


You say its cold? Nah, thats just inspiration to work harder

ByFlipper Dec 29, 2017

YHC hates, no loathes, the cold.  Its a simple fact that, much like the mighty bear, the irreverent porpoise prefers to hibernate during the win

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Bringing back The BRAVE!

ByJRR Tolkien Dec 24, 2017

Summary 19 men showed up to the toughest SOB workout of the week... THE BRAVE.  More on that later... Thang An AMRAP disguised as a "ch

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It’s good to be back

ByBunker Dec 15, 2017

There was a tear in the space time continuum this morning.  A runner showed up to lead a bootcamp.  Back from all the running....and running...

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Riders On The Storm

ByFredo Dec 8, 2017

This Doors tune was playing as I rode into The Vine parking lot ready for a rainy adventure, but I checked the radar and saw a glimmer of hope, a

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