The Big House

Why Was Chedder Dressed as an Orange Traffic Cone?

ByTuck Jan 30, 2017

12 convicts escaped The Big House on a ladder constructed of pain on a brisk Monday morning.  Cheddar upped the ante by dressing as an orange tr


Oh shoot we need to get back!

ByCheddar Jan 24, 2017

9pax decided to battle rain or shine , in big puddles and came out strong. Warm Up - Mosey to parking lot next to the tracks 10 SSH 10 Merkin

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Bear Squats at a Prison-themed Workout

ByHairball Jan 16, 2017

A crew of Mecklenburg's finest rolled into the Pineville PD parking lot this morning to put in some work. 12 other random dudes showed up too for


Sub-20 Big House

ByMermaid Jan 9, 2017

Picked up Utah at 0510.  He was ready to go.  We questioned how many would post on ride over.  Figured YHC, Utah, and Dumpster Fire.  Cheddar


Splish splash, we was taking a bath

ByUdder Jan 3, 2017

I felt like we should be loading up the ark two by two when I woke this morning. Happy to have had an EH out there. At least 2 of us would be in


The Big House – Today’s Episode: Off Campus We Go…or…Why Is the Lady With a Clipboard Yelling?

ByDumpster Fire Dec 19, 2016

6 PAX, including 1 FNG, converged on The Big House's shovel flag this gloomy, wet, cold morn' in search of gifts...but the greatest gift of all w

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I really shouldn’t, Eddie. My hands are all chapped.

ByGummy Dec 12, 2016

11 men gathered in the safest AO parking lot in the city, were properly disclaimed, then proceeded thusly. Yog out of the police department visi


Breaking Out Is Hard Work

ByFlipper Dec 9, 2016

Soooo YHC might have been lazy and forgotten to post ye olde backblast, or perhaps rabid trolls stole the computer off the desk... either way man

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Gettin Swole in the Prison Yard

ByMadame Tussauds Nov 28, 2016

10 men showed up at The Big House get their weekly dose of Monday pain or to use Wild Turkey’s favorite phrase to make a downPAINment on their

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Wild Turkey and the his little beast

ByWildTurkey Nov 21, 2016

First off, thanks to SiteQs, Dumpster Fire and Cheddar for the invite to Q the newly christened AO - The Big House. We've been chatting about a P