The Big House

And then there was… humidity

ByUdder Sep 18, 2017

One would think that the humidity would be less in the fall, but who am I kidding. This is Charlotte and we live in the bowels of the humidity zo


The Big House – Today’s Episode: Teaching Ourselves to Step Up and Lead…or…Costanza is 90% close to being renamed

ByDumpster Fire Sep 4, 2017

18 PAX who stayed in town for the Labor Day holiday got an extended Special Edition of The Big House, with 60 minutes of solid effort and anywher

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The Big House – 8/28 Episode: Leg & Arm Day…or…Anything But Burpees

ByDumpster Fire Aug 29, 2017

6 PAX gathered in The Gloom with approximately four (4) no shows, yet No Show was in attendance. Armpit/Udder/Mountie/FNG Nevertheless, a pre

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X Marks the Spot!! VQ

ByShrinkWrap Aug 21, 2017

Ohhh Monday Morning!!! The clown car arrives while 4 guys are circling the police station parking lot and one car is blocking all of the avail

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One Cone to Rule Them All!

ByLt_Dan Aug 16, 2017

After acknowledging each man's willingness to volunteer for the journey a ragtag fellowship of 11 PAX left the Shire into the gloom on Lt. Dan's

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Blame it on the Rain

Byno_show Aug 7, 2017 Enjoy! 10 pax including a FNG Mountie (formerly known as Eric Fransen) braved the elements this



Bytoolbag Jul 31, 2017

9 men showed up to witness my VQ. We were all thrown off as we learned that the Pineville Fire Department had been condemned, and that we must fi

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Big House – Trackside

Bycinnamon Jul 25, 2017

Meet in parking lot, quick disclaimer, let's go warm up jog towards kits trackside craft, karaoke left/right, circle up in parking lot acros

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The Big House aka VQ Central – BB for 7/10

ByDumpster Fire Jul 17, 2017

11 PAX showed for the opening episode of what Entertainment Tonight calls one of the hottest shows of the summer; VQ Central. After the audience


The Big House – Today’s Episode: We Have a Hill…or…Variety is the Spice of Life

ByDumpster Fire Jun 26, 2017

6 disciplined PAX arrived with YHC coming in hot with 45 seconds to spare. YHC has observed many-a-Big House workout being confined to the safe h

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