The Big House

The Big House – You need me on that wall…

ByPrivate Benjamin Jan 30, 2018

Open date on the Q calendar so the apolitical site Q took the reigns.  Disclaimer given. Mosey out to 51 and then up Jack Hughes park entrance,

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On a cold Big House morning…

ByCheddar Jan 22, 2018

...5 pax finished their pull-up merkins challenge for the day even if they signup for it.   COP Merkins 10IC (20 merkins) SSH

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Moving at half the speed of smell…

ByHops Dec 18, 2017

Councilman & Site Q Dumpster Fire drove The Big House shovel flag into the ground, YHC disclaimed the Monday morning pax, and we headed to th


The Big House – 12/11 Episode: YHC hates the cold…or…Site Qs Take a Tour!

ByDumpster Fire Dec 12, 2017

On this cold and lonely morning with the temperature ranging from 26 - 29 degrees Fahrenheit, YHC and Private Benjamin, your faithful site Qs, fo

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Little Baby Bricks

BySnowflake Dec 8, 2017

8 Pax kicked off their week in style, with another edition of Little Baby Bricks. Just your standard-issue 3 hole brick, one for each hand. On

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Cyber Monday at The Big House

ByGeraldo Nov 27, 2017

6 Pax dragged themselves out of their warm #Fartsacks on a chilly November morning  to Post at #TheBigHouse for their DownPAINment. The Thang

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Big House Celebrates 1 Year

ByPrivate Benjamin Nov 14, 2017

Only 5 Pax showed for the 1 year anniversary celebration at The Big House. I'm going to blame the weather and not the lack of a well-conceived pr

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Bear Crawl Alley

ByKirby Nov 7, 2017

Well better late than never..... 7 Braved 31 degrees of tropical style weather. As usual yhc had a plan for a workout and then changed it the mom

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PreBlast: Balrog II

ByTuck Nov 1, 2017

Balrog I, the SOB region's first #CSAUP event, lived up to its name.  It was a complete beast.  So intense that Honey Bee moved to a different


Tagalong Burpees @ The Big House

Bytagalong Sep 27, 2017

#Disclaimer Yes - more detailed than usual due to venturing off site. #Conditions 65° beautiful morning #WarmUp Mosey down Main S

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