The Arsenal

The Burning Ring of Fire

ByMadame Tussauds Jan 19, 2017

10 of Indian Lands toughest, escaped the fartsack to answer the call (tweet) to find out what they were made of. Here’s what we did: The Thang

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Hazed and Confused: Black Diamond @ The Arsenal

Byarchive Oct 20, 2016

YHC inherited the Black Diamond from traveling Fall Out. Black Diamond notifications via Slack and Twitter were sent out this week leading up to

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Lets Grow Indian Land: RECON 10/21/2016: Location Change

ByBigPapi_TheFort Oct 17, 2016

With all the growth we are seeing in Rock Hill/Lancaster/York its time to spread the love across the river and grow Indian Land,  We have a RECO

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Burpees, Walls and Sprints

ByFire Hazard Oct 13, 2016

Four men showed up in the gloom with some time left for introductions and small talk. The clock struck 5:15 and we were off to the school bus par

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Watch Out for the Dummy

ByThin Mint Aug 18, 2016

The Thang Mosey to the lot above the football field and circle up for disclaimer COP (SSH, IW, Windmills, Merkins) Mosey onto the practice

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Muggy Murph @ Arsenal

ByGeneral Jul 22, 2016

It was a morning where I woke up and took the dog out around 4:30 and immediately started sweating. Beautiful, when you already smell like a Doth

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Parading the Parking Lot Perimeter

ByWildTurkey Jul 7, 2016

I was invited to Q at Arsenal. I've posted there a handful of times and I know it's tons of real estate, hills, fields, tables, walls, the whole


Earmuffs and Empanadas

ByBounty Hunter Jun 9, 2016

Not feeling very creative this day so I decided to proudly borrow a HIIT workout from my friend Argonaut. With some guidance the night before I p

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Get Swole

ByBounty Hunter Mar 24, 2016

Little mumble chatter regarding p200 and how Ringer stated it was much easier being on a 6 man team vs. 9 man team! At that point we all secretly

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Unsolved Mysteries: Pyramid or Ladder

ByWildTurkey Jan 7, 2016

When is a pyramid not a pyramid, when it’s a ladder. (Pyramids increase in numbers and then reduce numbers, ladders go up or down, but not both

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