The Appetizer

It’s Just a Little Rain

BySchedule C May 5, 2021

Super bad storms were blowing up the area all day so no-one really knew if this workout was gonna run today. YHC showed up and stopped the rain.

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Another 2.0 VQ in the History Books

ByC3P0 Apr 28, 2021

We started with the usual warm up in the parking lot, which is almost a tradition for the appetizer. We then did a bear crawl run circuit arou

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Better late than never?

ByRadarUC Apr 26, 2021

I'm late with this backblast, it's from my Q on April 20th at The Appetizer - Tuesdays 1730 at Rea View Elementary. If you haven't been, you shou

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VQ like a Veteran

ByC3P0 Apr 15, 2021

Discc Mosey to back parking lot and circle up for 20x SSH, IW, get into a plank for stretching with can opener/runners stretch.   Then 15 slo

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Dads VS Kids egg hunt

ByRubbermaid Mar 17, 2021

So this was hard to plan for in the fact we had a monsoon going on.  I planned for rain and a small crowd. Then watched the cars just keep pu

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Dog Racing

ByC3P0 Mar 10, 2021

In trying to continue the high standards of creative fun we've been having in these 2.0 friendly evening workouts, I knew I had to bring my ball-

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How Low Can You Go?

ByZinfandel Mar 3, 2021

And for my 65th Q, I would continue to ask my kids to do more stuff. So far they are unsure how they feel about CC and IC, maybe time for Kids Q

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Sharing The Load

ByC3P0 Feb 24, 2021

Asked to substi-Q yesterday as the planned Q needed some R&R, rather than trying to shoulder the burden on my own (not that it is much of a b

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Banjo Music and A Nice Glass of Zin….but for kids!

ByZinfandel Feb 17, 2021

It all started last week when Banjo asked me to help him find a Q because of work travel. Little did I know that it would turn into a split Q aft

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School Yard Games

ByFuse Box Feb 10, 2021

25 for a Tuesday Night?!  Awesome! Arrived early to see if this AO that I've seen at morning darkness had some extra fun when seen in the lig

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