May Swift Takover

ByCitgo May 28, 2019

And that's a wrap for my takeover of Swift for the month of May. Thanks to @bratwurst for allowing me to fill in - Big shoes to fill there, but

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Bagpipe + Swift

ByLogJam May 7, 2019

18 Pax took on bagpipe this morning. We started with a nice little mozy over to the Ballantyne village parking garage. Upon arrival we circled u

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PreBlast – Race Week prep

ByBratwurst Mar 18, 2019

Swift will launch from the Vine Restaurant at 0515 on Tuesday. As this is Race Week (Palmetto 200 starts Friday), we'll be doing some intervals

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PreBlast – Swift – March Week 1

ByBratwurst Mar 4, 2019

If you look at the Swift calendar for March, you will notice that Bratwurst has the Q for all 4 weeks. Swift has been hearing the feedback over

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Bessie & Safety

ByWildTurkey Feb 26, 2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf2Ew8pWnLU 5:00 Pre-Run 1.3 mi loop w/ Fire Hazard, Bunker & Atlas5:15 Main EventSprint Week2 mi warm-

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Burpees at Swift?!

ByPurell Feb 8, 2019

22 for Swift’s February installment of timed-intervals Warm-up: Quick disclaimer, mosey to Brixham Hill. On to Bull Ring continuing c

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Celebrity couples got nothing on F3

ByUdder Jan 30, 2019

First there was Brangelina, then Kimye, Bennifer, TomKat and who could forget Billary. All good celebrity couples have a conjoined name. One

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We Got The (cold) Runs…

ByCitgo Jan 23, 2019

19 Pax braved the cold temps to take their (running) talents to the Country Club hills of Ballantyne. We modified today's workout from sprints/f

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Poo-Pourri of Hills

ByBratwurst Dec 12, 2018

17 Pax posted on Tuesday in various states of readiness (some on recovery, some on full workout mode, some not sure which is which), but they all

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This Escalator Only Goes Up

ByThin Mint Dec 6, 2018

‪19 came to Swift this week. Some ran intervals, some tapered for Kiawah, some did a mix, none were fakers‬. Here's what we did. Thang

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